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Why Is Online Reputation Important?

84 % of potential Patients trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation or Testimonial.

Build trust and influence with your online Reputation and acquire loyal Patients instantly.

Consistent Promotion and Marketing of Your Reputation is Crucial to the Growth & Sustainment of Your Practice.

54% of potential Patients will visit Your website after reading An Abundance of Positive reviews. 

Bring more Traffic to your website and sell your Procedures and Services More Effectively.

With NextLevel's Powerful Services we can Help You to Realize this, More than You Can Imagine.

90% of Potential Patients read 10 reviews before forming an opinion about Your Practice.

Therefore, it's Important to make the Majority of those Reviews, 5-Star Reviews.

Be on top of what your Patients think about your Practice and improve your Patient relationships.

Being Proactive with Feedback from Your Patients will help Generate very Positive Reviews.

58% of Potential Patients say the star rating of a Practice is most important.

Having a System to Create 5 Star Reviews in the eyes of Potential Patients is Critical to Your Practice.

Build Your 5 -Star Reputation and Take Care of Negative Reviews that Impact Your Practice.

Let's Discuss How we can Make Your Practice Out Shine Your Competitors.



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Are there Negative Reviews About Your Practice?

97% of potential patients make their decision to choose a practice, to work with, based on its Reputation. Even one negative review can make your Practice lose out on potential patients & revenue. Check the report to take action!

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